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How to find film locations for rent in Miami in 30mins or less

Finding film locations to rent in the Miami area can be a full time job. As a location scout for a large-scale production or an indie filmmaker, you need to know where you’re going to film and how much it’ll cost you. This article is going to explain some strategies you can use to speed up your Miami location scouting efforts so you can stop worrying and start filming.

Why should you pick Miami for your next film?

When it comes to fantastic places to film a movie, Miami has it all. The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches, the timeless everglades, and some of the most extravagant architecture in the country. Miami’s diverse culture makes it a breeding ground for creatives and filmmakers alike. There is something magical about the city, like this post from describes: Miami can sometimes be treated as the main character.

With a year round film season, the weather is a big attraction factor for filmmakers as well. Clear skies are common in the city, and the temperature makes it a comfortable place to film year round when much of the other major cities on the east coast are in the clutches of winter.

Film location in Miami with trees and ocean

Finding and renting film locations in Miami the old fashioned way

Securing a location to film in has not been easy in the past. Finding the right place to match your script took lots of research, tons of time on the phone, and a considerable amount of patience. Traditionally, there are three ways a film scout looks for space: Hiring a location agency, Contacting real estate agents, Scouting an area by car.

Hiring a location service

If you have the budget, then contracting with a professional location agency can get you exactly what you’re looking for. Agencies will usually have a large selection of available film sites for rent and specialize in making sure that you get what you ask for.

Contacting real estate agents

Nobody knows local locations better than real estate agents. Any real estate professional who has been in the business for a while is not going to be surprised if you call them and start asking about places you can film in. Many real estate companies will even go as far as offering the service on their websites. Rental prices here are almost always negotiable, especially if you only plan on using the property for a few days.

Scouting by car

The most tried and true way to look for a place to film is to grab your script, jump in your car, and start driving. Aided by some legwork with Google maps, you should have your work cut out for you. If you find a place that is perfect for a scene, walk up and knock on the door. You’d be surprised how far you can get simply by talking to people.

All three of these solutions are no doubt great ways to find space, the only issue is that they all take time; sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.

There are a million reasons why you might need to find a location quickly. Maybe there was a last minute script change, and now you need to find a house to film in that has a pool. Maybe you need to do a reshoot and the location that you shot in the first time is unavailable. The fact is that sometimes you just need to get a site secured that same day.

Finding film locations that are available for rent in Miami fast   

Being able to search available rentals quickly is a massive asset to any film production. One of the largest databases of locations that exists here in Miami can be found here on the Official Miami Film Commission website.

The Miami Film website has a staggering amount of location listings and is a great place to scout without having to leave to comfort of your hotel room. The more scouting work that you can do online the more you can focus on only visiting the spaces that might work for your script.

This resource can be used as a place to directly rent spaces as well. The inquiry process does involve sending in a request to the film office or private location that is listed and sometimes can take a while to be processed. We recommend using the list to help spark your imagination by giving yourself a better understanding of the types of spaces available in the area.

If you need to get a place to film today or in the next few days then you’re better off searching for production space on the MADSTUDIOS platform. The curated list of locations that you’ll find on MADSTUDIOS allows you to quickly see what’s available and book time at a space that suits your needs quickly. Locations are available by the hour, so if you only need to pick up a few shots and leave you can.

Instead of scrambling to find a luxury home with a pool to film an additional last minute scene, you could start searching on MADSTUDIOS and be filming at the House of Florence the next day.

Great locations make great movies

The location that you choose to film your movie is arguably one of the most critical factors of any production. Miami has been host to some great films over the years and might be the perfect place for your production. By speeding up the time it takes to secure phenomenal filming locations you can get your production shooting on schedule and on budget.