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Green screen studio in miami

Top 8 Green Screen Studios in Miami for Productions


Here is a list of our top eight picks for studios with green screens in Miami, finding the right studio can make all the difference in your next production.

Towards the end of the post, we’ll explain what adding a green screen to your project really means and how to do it properly.

Top 8 Miami green screen studios

When it comes to production studios in Miami, you have plenty of options. This list contains some of the most highly rated and best value production studios in Miami that have a green screen. We divided to the list into studios that are slightly smaller in size and available for rent online, and ones that are larger and are not available for rent online.

Project Scale - Available to Book Online

These studios are great for smaller projects or quick pick up work. The spaces in this section are available for rental immediately online through MADSTUDIOS.  

A wide shot of a green screen studio space in Miami

Studio with a Massive Green Screen

One of the most versatile production studios in Miami. With high ceilings and enough space for just about any size shoot, this place has it all. The green screen set up is big enough to manage larger scale photography projects as well. Along with the traditional photography areas, it also has a production kitchen if you need that capability. It is available for rent immediately through the link above.

Production Kitchen with Green Screen Capability

Old-school charm combined with new age technology. This space boasts an incredible production ready kitchen as well as a green screen studio. This studio is a good bet for food photographers, chiefs, or product photographers. The rustic feel of this space is a unique energy that can help to fuel your creativity.

Production Scale - Not available to book online

The following list contains some of the best large scale production studios with green screens in Miami. These studios are not currently available to be booked online and you must inquire with the studio directly if you would like to rent one.

M3 Studios

Arguably one of the biggest and best studios in Miami, M3 is in a league of its own. If this studio doesn’t have it, your production probably doesn’t need it. It’s set up with an enormous green screen and is capable of doing professional quality work. While not the most affordable option, you won’t regret renting time here. M3 has several different sound stages available so you don’t have to settle.

Great Southern Studios

A production level studio in every sense, Great Southern Studios has the space to get the job done. With two massive production studios that include lighting packages and access to green screens, you have the tools to work on just about anything. Their 35 years of experience makes Great Southern one of the most qualified production resources in South Florida.

HD House

HD House is a fully equipped studio in Miami that combines a large green screen cyclorama with a knowledgeable staff to help you take full advantage of it. They also have a staggering amount of gear and equipment available for rent, so you never have to worry about forgetting something at home.

Blue Dolphin Studios

As the premier places to produce a television show in Miami, Blue Dolphin is here to support you. They have a massive cyclorama that can be equipped with a green screen as well as several smaller studios and sound stages for every type of production you can imagine.

Film Studios Miami

If you’re involved in a production that needs high-quality studio time to be successful, then you need to consider Film Studios Miami. With some of the highest tech production equipment available today, you can rest assured that this studio has you covered.

Green Screen Studio

When you need to shoot a commercial or a smaller scale project that requires green screen work, then you can’t go wrong with the Green Screen Studio. As the name implies, this studio is focused on providing green screen solutions and they’re very good at it.

What can renting a green screen studio do for your production?

A green screen is the base that allows many of the special effects that we all know and love to find their way into our favorite movies and TV shows. The concept is simple: If you put an object in front of a colored screen that the object does not share the same color with, then you can isolate the background and introduce new elements.

Bringing the capabilities of a green screen into your film or photography project can increase your production value and set your project apart, as long as it’s done properly. Check out this article from all about how to use a green screen properly for more on this.

The only way that you can be sure you’re going to get a high-quality product is to use a professional studio with a green screen. We recommend any of the studios on this list for your next production.


We hope our selection of studios has helped you make a decision. The one you choose will ultimately come down to two factors: What kind of production you’re involved with, how much space you need, and how quickly you need it.