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Warehouse photo

Short-Term Warehouse Rental in Miami: Tips and Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks to help you find production ready warehouse space in Miami so you can get your photoshoot off the ground.

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Diffuser setup

4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Light Diffuser Use In The Studio

Light diffusers are an essential part of modern photography. Here we explain their role and provide some helpful tips on how you can improve your use of them.

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Hobbit house location

What's in a Location? 10 Film Locations That Made Their Movies Magical

Here we discuss 10 locations that helped make the movies they were featured in magical. Hopefully they can inspire you in location scouting efforts of your own.

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Guy giving a thumbs up

Renting a Warehouse in Miami (or anywhere) for Photo Shoots

Renting a warehouse for a photoshoot is one of the best ways to take your project to the next level. Read about all the best ways to do this in Miami.

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Photography project ideas

Photography Project Ideas: How To Stay Original When Creativity Is Low

Coming up with new photography project ideas is key to the success of any dedicated photographer. Learn about how you can leverage this to succeed.

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