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Teaching a ballet class

How to Teach a Ballet Class to Beginners Young and Old

Learn some of the basics when it comes to teaching ballet class for beginners. See how to prepare, plan, and run a top notch ballet class.

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Teaching dance

Teaching Dance Independently: How to Get Started On Your Own

Learn how to get yourself started teaching dance independently of a studio. These are the basic traits you need to have to be successful as a dance teacher.

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Photography backdrops in the studio

Keeping Photography Backdrops Relevant in a Digital World

There are many different types photography backdrops. While green screens allow for some interesting effects, traditional backdrops will always have a place.

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Films filming on location

Filming on Location vs Filming on a Set: Benefits and Challenges

Learn all about the pros and cons of filming on location vs filming on set or in the studio. We walk you through what you need to know to make a decision.

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Filmmaking grant %281%29

Filmmaking Grants: Where to Look for Them and How to Get One

Learn all about filmmaking grants and how to best write for them to increase your chances of landing a one to help you make your film idea a reality.

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