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Choreograph a dance

How to teach choreography for a dance and get it to stick with students

Learn some excellent strategies designed to help you create new choreography and then teach it to your students effectively.

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Location scout taking picture

Do You Really Need a Location Scout Working On Your Film?

A location scout can make or break your film production. Learn what a location scout does and why they are so important to the success of your filmmaking endeavor.

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Wedding photography pricing

Pricing Wedding Photography as an Independent Photographer

wedding photography is a complicated thing to price. Here we’ll break down how you should be charging for photography work at weddings.

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How to start a dance studio

How to Start A Dance Studio With Little To No Money

Learn how independent dance instructors can get a dance studio business started with little to no money. Start living your dream today!

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Pre production checklist planning

How A Pre-Production Checklists Can Help You Plan For A Film Project

Learn all the benefits of creating a pre-production checklist and why the sooner you make one the better it will be for your entire film project’s success.

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