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Film set design

7 Set Design and Location Selection Tips for Filmmakers.

Set design and location selection are some of the most important and costly elements of a film production. Learn some tips to make the job a little easier.

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Recording studio near me

how to find and book music recording studios near you

Booking recording studios nearby is easier now than it ever has been before. Technology enables us to find and book these spaces fast and simply.

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Health benefits of dance

The Health Benefits of Dance vs Yoga

He we’ll compare the health benefits of both dance and yoga and try to determine if either one is better or worse than the other.

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Record a song in a studio playing guitar

How to record a song in a studio the same day you write it

Learn how you can come up with an idea for a song then, write, rehearse, and record it in a studio all in a single day!

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Singing diy music video

21 tips for DIY music video creation tips, tricks, and techniques

Here we show you 21 DIY tricks, ideas, and helpful techniques to get you started off in the right direction with your next music video project.

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