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Phone music video

Why music video production isn't as hard as you think

Music video production has changed significantly. In this article, we explore some of the changes in the industry and how you can take advantage of them.

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Beach house %281%29

Hacking the Miami mansion rental scene

Renting a mansion in Miami used to be complicated, but not anymore. New technology has made Miami mansion rental simple for everyone.

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Little river

Rent Little River Studios in Miami

For a great photography studio in Miami, look no farther than Little River Studios. Take your creativity to the next level with this incredible space.

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Recording studio 1

3 reasons why nothing beats mixing and mastering in a studio

Learn why mixing and mastering your track in a professional recording studio is worth it in more ways than one.

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Video cam

How to manage corporate video production projects yourself

Corporate video production can get expensive. Why would you hire a company to do a job that can probably be handled internally for half the price?

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